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Material in this report by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued by the "about corporate pilot notice issued < > enterprise quality credit report (inspection office letter (2013) no. 611, hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), according to the fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "southern aluminum company") 2017 annual business is amended, main content and the data from southern aluminum company headquarters and both wholly owned or holding subsidiaries south aluminum plate with company, south aluminum aluminum company, south chengdu company, actively aluminum case, report in southern aluminum company website updates every year.

Quality integrity is the basis of enterprise's sustainable management, customer satisfaction is our most basic work requirement, and quality integrity management is the common responsibility and obligation of all employees of the company.

I. enterprise profile

Fujian nanping aluminum co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "nanping aluminum co., LTD.") was founded in 1958. The enterprise was formerly known as "613" military factory and nanping aluminum factory. After nearly 60 years of development, the company presently for aluminum smelting and processing of the integration of large state-owned enterprises, the registered capital of 1.0287 billion yuan, organization code: 15814331-9, the headquarters is located in nanping city, fujian province yeonpyeong area industrial road no. 65. There are more than 5,200 employees (including subordinate enterprises) with annual sales revenue of 7.1 billion yuan. Headquartered in fujian nanping, there are three divisions, five subordinate subsidiary, two holding companies, in nanping yeonpyeong, jianyang new district, fuzhou luoyuan and chengdu in sichuan province has built six manufacturing bases and 1 national green south aluminium worker community, always covers an area of about 2300 mu.

Southern aluminum company has the "China well-known trademark", "Chinese famous brand", "enterprise technology centers recognized by the state", "national innovative enterprises" honor aluminum of large state-owned enterprises, listed by the national ministry of "two fusion to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction of pilot demonstration enterprise", "China's industrial brand construction demonstration unit", "the second session of fujian provincial government quality prize", in June 2012, included in the national ministry of industry and the national "quality benchmarking enterprise", in February 2013 by the national ministry of named "industrial enterprise brand cultivation demonstration enterprise".

Now has yearly produces 150000 tons of aluminum industry chain (pre-baked anode aluminum electrolytic aluminum casting < cast-rolling > - aluminum processing < mold, aluminum, aluminum strip, aluminum veneer, the high quality ingot > - aluminum deep processing), including aluminum casting, aluminum processing capacity of more than 300000 tons/year. At present, aluminum profile industry chain scale, brand construction, scientific and technological innovation, standard formulation, energy conservation and emission reduction, management information and other aspects are in the forefront of the industry.

I. enterprise quality concept

Southern aluminum company fulfills "the steady development, pursue long-term" business philosophy, adherence to the "people-oriented, the pursuit of fujian aluminum quality, environment and harmonious perfection" the management objective, believed in the "fujian aluminum, continuous innovation, quality first, sincere service" quality concept. South aluminium person realizes: the person is the most key factor, only unceasingly improves the person's quality, ability unceasingly enhances the work quality, the product quality, the service quality. Formal training, incentives, and regular, open information exchanges between functional departments at all levels are essential. Successful quality programs start with clear objectives such as quality cost and time consumption, and are translated into output indicators. The application of statistical analysis technology and the establishment of a perfect quality management mechanism are the guarantee for the realization of enterprise quality concept. The requirement of "world-class" product quality is the pursuit of the people of south aluminum, which regards the success of all relevant stakeholders as the success of south aluminum.

Ii. Internal quality management

Under this department, the company has aluminum alloy material division, aluminum alloy building section division, special industrial aluminum section division. Control 6 subsidiary companies such as south aluminum strip company. The company has set up a general manager as the director of the company's quality management committee, which is responsible for guiding the establishment of the quality management mechanism of various business departments, the company has set up eight functional management departments such as technical center. Technology center, there are technical quality standards department, central laboratory, to be responsible for guiding the establishment of the company quality management system, group of science and technology innovation and standardization construction, product parameters testing, and operation and continuous improvement. The ministry of equipment and environmental protection shall be responsible for the management of the group's equipment and environmental protection, and shall set up a material control room and a measurement room, which shall be responsible for the review, verification and maintenance of various purchase plans for measuring instruments of various divisions. Each department, general manager of our department responsible for the quality of products, and has its own technology department, directly by the general manager of the department of leadership, responsible for the division from the purchase quality inspection, product process, finished product quality inspection and control and technical management of the after-sales service work, such as concrete.

(1) quality management institutions


(2) quality management

Southern aluminum company in the industry take the lead in 1996 in accordance with the GB/T19001 the quality management system requirements to establish a quality management system, and through certification, for more than 20 years the company emphasis on customer orientation, continuous optimization process and improve the quality management system operation, through the regular internal audit, management review, quality system document revision, remedy measures beforehand system gradually perfect, the current quality system certification covers the southern aluminum company headquarters and southern aluminum company and actively.

Company to import the GB/T19580 "outstanding performance evaluation criteria, based on was established by applying the balanced scorecard strategic objectives and annual production management goal of organization performance management system, set up the pursuit of business performance" massive "culture of quality. Established the organizational performance measurement index system and quality objectives. Through the company COMMS information system, the data collection and assessment were basically realized automatically, and monthly assessment, testing and assessment were conducted. Aluminum alloy material group, building aluminum division, special industrial profiles group according to the product characteristics, customer and standard system revision every year "annual inspection plan" and "quality management and inspection method", by the department of technology department is responsible for the daily inspection, supervision, and examination, every six months to organize a product audit and manufacturing process audit, the organization once a year internal quality system audit, to ensure conformity of the quality management system operation, effectiveness and sufficiency, and regularly accept the third party, the second party audit and customer audit to ensure the quality system and perfecting continuous improvement, continue to maintain certification. Aluminum alloy construction company profile and general industrial use each type aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusion profiles for review to keep non-ferrous metal product quality center, aluminum profile products won national non-ferrous metal industry "excellent brand" honor.

Fourth, enterprise quality integrity

(1) quality and integrity management

South aluminium company continuously strengthens the good faith construction, the enterprise leadership team abides by the discipline and the law, the honest management, integrates the good faith into the enterprise management idea; Staff firmly established the ideological consciousness of "integrity wins the market, integrity promotes development", and the enterprise formed a good atmosphere of integrity. Take honest as the basic requirement of production and business operation of enterprise, the strengthened enterprise internal management system, to the enterprise financial management, procurement, supply, production, marketing and so on each link to strengthen credit management. We will carry out bid-ask and price-comparison procurement in material procurement and formulate a special procurement fund management system. Manage and control the accounts receivable, accounts payable and accounts receivable effectively with the principle of good faith. Adhere to contract credit management, contract performance rate 100 %. Standardizing the labor employment mechanism, it was awarded as the first "honest employment unit" in nanping city. South aluminum plastic integrity marketing philosophy in the company, outside the plastic integrity marketing image, so as to perfect the service system of, innovation to win customers trust, was named the best credit enterprise of fujian province AAA credit rating, non-ferrous metals industry enterprise. For many years, it has been rated as one of the top ten provincial and local taxation honest tax paying enterprises, top 300 provincial tax paying enterprises, and a-level municipal tax paying credit units.

(2) construction of quality culture

Leadership plays an absolute leading role in the construction of quality culture. Company leadership in each layer through the precept, at conferences, decision-making, communication give attention to the quality, the broad masses of workers in employee heart gradually set up no quality, no concept of the future.

South of aluminium in 50 years of entrepreneurship development, manifests the southern aluminum person of unwieldy, fighting spirit, gradually formed a "struggle for change" of the enterprise core values, motivation of southern aluminum carry forward the fighting spirit, in time of peace prepare for war and change in danger, strives for the survival by the change, to change and development. The corporate culture system of south aluminum company is shown in the table.


5. Enterprise quality basis

(1) enterprise product standards

The main product standards implemented by the company are:

Deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy round ingot YS/T67

GB/T 5237.1 aluminium alloy building profiles part 1: base materials

GB/T 5237.2 aluminium alloy building profiles part 2: anodized profiles

GB/T 5237.3 aluminium alloy building profiles part 3: electrophoretic painted profiles

GB/T 5237.4 aluminum alloy building profiles part 4: powder spraying profiles

GB/T 5237.5 aluminium alloy building profiles part 5: painted profiles

GB/T 5237.6 aluminium alloy building profiles part 6: heat insulation profiles

Extruded aluminum and aluminum alloy for general industrial use GB/T 6892

YS/T 429.2 aluminum curtain wallboard part 2: organic polymer sprayed aluminum veneer.

GB/T 3880 "aluminium and aluminium alloy plates and strips for general industrial use"

Product standards with reference to the above is a reference to the United States, Japanese, German, Britain and other countries relevant standards: EN 755.2 "type aluminium and aluminium alloy rods, tubes, part 2: mechanical properties", EN12020.2 the 6060 and 6063 aluminium and aluminium alloy precision profile part 2: Size and shape to allow deviation, ASTM B221M aluminium and aluminium alloy extrusion bar, bar, wire, profiles and pipes, JIS H 8601 aluminium and aluminium alloy anode oxidation film, JIS H 8602 "aluminium and aluminium alloy anodic oxidation coating composite membrane, AAMA 612" architectural aluminum composite membrane surface anodic oxidation test method and the technical specification for performance before, Qualicoat quality marks the architectural aluminium on the surface of paint film, powder layer certification rules, AAMA 2603 aluminum extrusion materials, organic polymer coating performance requirements and test methods, AAMA 2604 aluminum extrusion materials, plank of high performance organic polymer coating performance requirements and test methods, AAMA 2605 aluminum extrusion materials, plank ultra-high performance of organic polymer coating performance requirements and test methods, EN 14024 insulated metal material performance requirements and test test AAMA TIR A8 the building heat insulation aluminum shaped structure performance, etc.

The standards of aluminium alloy plate and strip refer to the preparation of "aluminum and aluminium alloy sheet, strip and thick plate part I: technical conditions for inspection and delivery" in en485-1:2008, Germany.

The above standards adopted by the products all reach the international advanced level. In order to ensure the quality of products, the company has formulated and organized the production of various products that are stricter than the national standards.

Southern aluminum company to actively participate in nearly 100 aluminium product related industry, the national standard system revision work, editor in chief of the GB/T 5237.6 aluminum alloy construction profiles part 6: insulation material, standard, fill the domestic blank, won the second prize of science and technology of China non-ferrous metals industry. Mainly involved in the drafting of GB/T 5237 aluminum alloy construction profiles etc six standard was awarded the first prize for China nonferrous metals technical standards of excellence award, editor in chief of YS/T 429.2 the aluminum curtain wall plate part 2: organic polymer coating aluminum veneer "won third prize standardized contribution in fujian province.

The company has been actively involved in the revision of international standards organized by the international technical committee for standardization of ISO/ tc79/sc2. Was awarded to the aluminum alloy construction profiles of GB/T 5237 national standard developed innovative demonstration base, "ISO 28340:2013" aluminum surface composite membrane surface electrophoresis organic composite membrane and the general rules of anodic oxidation composite membrane international standard developed innovative demonstration base ".

(2) enterprise measurement level

In order to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, the company since 2008 to build energy management center, the construction and perfect the edge using has been ten years time, the collection station built energy metrology, 34, 1076 units of energy measuring instruments for online acquisition, respectively is: 998 sets of watt-hour meter, gas meter, 54, 24 sets of electromagnetic flowmeter. Testing project is given priority to with electricity, as well as the natural gas, compressed air, fuel, industrial water, such as data acquisition, real-time monitoring of production line and equipment energy consumption accurately, dynamic analysis of each production line, equipment, energy consumption, effectively guide the production and energy saving transformation, achieve energy cost inspection to production line, the main machine, peak valley production purpose. At the same time, the awareness of energy conservation is not only applied to everyone, but also the use of energy is returned to the decision-making level, so as to improve the management level of enterprises and reduce production costs. In addition, the system was highly evaluated by the provincial energy conservation monitoring center, and was awarded the honorary title of "national power demand side management demonstration enterprise in the industrial field" by the ministry of industry and information technology in December 2015. The enterprise measurement room has obtained the AAA level "measurement management system certification certificate" issued by the certification center of the central qi measurement system.

There are 20 full-time staff in the measuring room, including 6 engineering technicians (3 registered metrologists) and 6 technicians (5 senior technicians). Under the metrological verification class, technical group, division pound class. In order to meet the needs of the company production and operation, tested and approved by the provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision, with 12 highest measurement standard, carry out of watt-hour meter, electric three table, temperature control instruments, thermocouple, heat resistance, scale, weight, weighing apparatus, pressure gauge, vernier micrometer, table and so on more than 18440 PCS/sets of gage verification/calibration and maintenance, including more than 6063 PCS/sets into A and B class management. The whole process of control of measuring instruments is carried out from the planned selection, use, storage, distribution, number, construction account, weekly inspection, repair, on-site troubleshooting, transfer and scrapping.

(3) certification and accreditation

Southern aluminum company for aluminum smelting and processing joint venture, the company's voluntary product certification scope of anodic oxidation profile, electrophoresis paint profiles, powder coating, profiles, fluorocarbon paint material, insulation material, general industrial aluminium and aluminium alloy plate and strip, fluorine carbon spraying aluminum veneer, etc. The manufacture of the industry chain all products of the company has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification, IATF16949 automotive quality system certification, the manufacture of aluminum alloy profiles obtained quality system certification, ISO/TS22163 rail transit det norske veritas factory authorized (DNV, GL) and the American bureau of shipping factory authorized (ABS). The manufacturing of aluminum alloy profiles of nanal chengdu company, a subsidiary of the company, has been certified by QC080000 quality and hazardous substances management system. Leading products of aluminum alloy building profiles of various types of fangyuan logo product certification and China quality certification center low-carbon product certification.

Company according to the CNAS - CL01 "approval standards of testing and calibration laboratory capacity" the implementation of laboratory quality management system, ISO/IEC 17025 (CNAS - CL01) national laboratory accreditation certificate effective run and continuous review, aluminium and aluminium alloy construction profiles 12 standard products, such as 82 test program test evaluation for recognition.

(4) safety management of special equipment

South aluminum company not only technology and production equipment in the industry leading level, equipment management is also in the forefront. At present, the company equipment management comprehensive management informationization, with the domestic and international leading "south aluminum industry chain COMMS d management information system integration platform", realizes from equipment procurement, equipment operation, equipment maintenance, equipment scrap the whole process of information management, for the enterprise provides strong support to the management and the safety in production, greatly improving the southern aluminum company equipment management level.

1. Major equipment management system


2. South aluminum company has advanced COMMS system, which provides an efficient and real-time operation platform for the whole process management of equipment.

COMMS system resource management module implements content includes: the early stage of the equipment management, asset management, special equipment management, operation management, accident management, maintenance management, maintenance management, examination management and so on equipment management project management and statistical analysis, implement equipment from purchase to scrap the whole process of tracking statistics analysis management, to ensure the safe and effective operation of the equipment.

3. The company is equipped with special equipment safety management personnel and operation personnel in accordance with relevant regulations of the state, and all of them have obtained the corresponding qualification certificate as required, and take the certificate to work. And the necessary safety education and skill training shall be conducted regularly through training courses organized by the quality and technical supervision and management department.

4, equipment of environmental protection responsible for the management of special equipment is responsible for contact with nanping quality and technical supervision, inspection and testing institutions, is responsible for the cooperation of quality and technical supervision, inspection and testing institutions the company to conduct regular inspection of special equipment, the installation of new equipment and equipment inspection, responsible for dealing with related technical problems.

5. The human resources department shall be responsible for education and training of safety knowledge of special equipment operators, training and evidence collection of safety management personnel of special equipment; The security department is responsible for special equipment safety publicity education activities and safety management; The filing room is responsible for the custody of special equipment technical files.

6, use the unit responsible for according to special equipment management system and prepare the suitable for their own equipment operation instruction and the operating conditions of special equipment accident emergency measures and rescue plan, the unit of special equipment safety operation procedures; Responsible for routine spot inspection and maintenance of special equipment, and record on COMMS.

Vi. Product quality responsibility

Each department general manager for the product quality the first, by the deputy general manager in charge of the specific quality, technical quality department unified coordination, the relevant departments to participate, and be responsible for the specific quality management in the department, in conjunction with the departments of common and established on the basis of process self-inspection, inspector inspection to determine, fluctuation process traceability, liability and corrective measures to implement quality management system. Strictly implement the national, industrial and enterprise standards, organize production in strict accordance with the product quality standards agreed upon in the customer's contract, and fulfill the obligation to assume the liability for breach of contract.

Commitment to product quality

South aluminum company aluminum alloy building profiles

Substrate - door and window profiles, curtain wall profiles

Anodized profiles - doors and Windows profiles, curtain wall profiles

Electrophoretic painted profiles - doors and Windows profiles, curtain wall profiles

Powder spraying profiles - doors and Windows profiles, curtain wall profiles

Heat insulation profiles - door and window profiles, curtain wall profiles (slip-through, pouring)

Fluorocarbon paint spray profiles - doors and Windows profiles, curtain wall profiles

The product development and sales department and technical quality department of the aluminum section department are responsible for pre-sales, sales and after-sales service and provide technical support. Put the 400-918-6688 national customer service hotline and 0599-8737315 after-sales service telephone, receive user consultation and feedback in the country, in the domestic Beijing, tianjin, zhengzhou, jinan, Qingdao, chongqing, wuhan, changsha, nanchang, hefei, nanjing, yangzhou, suzhou, Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, taizhou, jinhua, wenzhou, fuzhou, quanzhou, xiamen, zhangzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen and other places set up more than 30 branch offices and sales, market promotion and marketing service work.

Aluminum alloy materials division top and relevant department not to visit regularly customers, strengthen communication and contact with customers, understand the status of the company product quality, timely handling of customer complaints, and timely report to the customer feedback rectification and improvement, to carry out the customer satisfaction investigation, accept customer's audit, etc., to customer satisfaction.

1. Pre-sale service

1) formulation and implementation of the product requirements to identify and contract review procedures, product requirements for identification, review by the customer, make clear provisions of the contract, is appropriate, to ensure the effective implementation of the contract and provide products to meet customer needs.

2) egularly every year to participate in all kinds of exhibition, held in new product introduction meeting, and through the street signs, advertising, newspapers and magazines, such as product album released product information, sales staff via telephone, email, send to enterprise products such as the latest product information dynamic inform the customer, to meet customer demand for product information.

3) help engineering and doors and Windows company reasonable select products, to provide on-site technical lectures, training and technical consulting services, every year regularly for Windows and doors curtain wall industry practitioners of fujian province for more than two technical training.

4) guide customers to use energy-saving aluminum alloy doors, Windows and curtain walls according to national "building energy conservation" requirements.

2. In-service

1) formulation and implementation of the "management procedure of product protection and delivery", for the product handling, packaging, storage, preservation and delivery for effective control, ensure delivery to customers from damage and corrosion, maintain the company's products quality.

2) deliver goods on time, quality and quantity guaranteed, and provide products that meet the requirements of laws and regulations, product standards and customer requirements.

3) provide product quality assurance certificate and test report with the product.

4) provide quality product delivery service according to customer requirements of engineering orders. The company is responsible for direct delivery to the site or processing site designated by users.

5) provide free technical guidance to customers who use our products for the first time; Free technical training for technical staff. We provide the Windows processing and management software for the special edition of "fujian aluminum" profile to improve the working efficiency of our customers.

6) on a regular basis to engineering project comming back over 30 tons of aluminum consumption, active phone contact with the user, product quality and service quality of market information, timely measures to remedy measures, promote the continuous improvement of product quality and service quality.

7) to provide consumers with the publicity of "fujian aluminum" profile products' anti-counterfeiting knowledge and identification methods, and to provide customers with free home identification of authenticity.

3. After-sales service

1) after the sale of all products, the company has the obligation to provide "three guarantees" after-sales service to users.

2) the company formulates and implements the customer satisfaction measurement and customer satisfaction procedures. Establish a customer-centric focus marketing concept, effective communication with customers, customer satisfaction comprehensive evaluation on a regular basis, fully understand customer requirements and expectations of the customer's comments, complaints and return and take the appropriate measures to continuously improve product quality and service, to ensure maximum satisfy customer's requirements.

3) the company shall reply to the customer within one working day after receiving the customer's comments; Special circumstances shall not exceed 2 working days.

4) if the customer has provided samples to the company after receiving the customer complaint, the customer will feedback the product quality appraisal results and preliminary treatment opinions to the customer within 2 working days; The customer can't provide samples to the company, foreign area salesman the scene to identify the quality of the products within 2 days from the diplomatic area salesman cannot make quality appraisal organized by the company technical personnel and a salesman to local site identification products, should be arrived at the scene within 48 hours, in the province, fujian association of foreign languages and arrived at the scene within 72 hours, and make product quality appraisal in 6 working days and preliminary processing feedback to customers.

5) company in June and December each year for the first of two customer satisfaction assessment, assessment content, including overall satisfaction, quality, service and trading, whether repeat purchase, other advice/opinion, etc. The quality includes product quality, variety specifications, stable performance, product packaging, anti-counterfeiting and other aspects. Services include business level, technical service, after-sales service, market management, etc. Transactions include price, delivery time, delivery supporting accurate, measurement and other aspects. Through data analysis, the evaluation results are included in management review, and improvement measures are proposed to achieve customer satisfaction.

(2) product recall

The company has established and improved the control procedures for non-conforming products, and formulated the control and recall system for defective products and non-conforming products. Rules when in process inspection, product sampling, product audit and other nonconforming or using the failure inspection equipment products, the trace this batch of products, such as have a flow on the way to the next working procedure/customer and/or site, shall be immediately sent its 】 【 product recall report. When defective goods are shipped, the sales department shall immediately notify the customer, and the initial notice shall be accompanied by a detailed document of the event. The duties of a recall system for the department of quality department is responsible for the recall report, issued by the logistics department is responsible for the internal process and the sales way nonconforming or potential unqualified product recall, the scene of the sales department is responsible for the customer the nonconforming or potential recalls of substandard products. Based on the characteristics of aluminum processing products, the quality of the key parameters are before they go out, can be detected in the respective processes, in recent years, the company has no batch phenomenon, found that after the defective product for all qualified recall the sample.

(3) "three guarantees" responsibility

After 1, sales of products produced by users suspected company product quality and other reasons of defective products, ask for a refund of the user, the user will be defective samples and relevant information feedback to responsibility for salesman, by the agent to handle the customer complaints handling table 】 【 technology department, after verification, examination and approval rear can return. If the complaint is not handled according to the regulations, and the materials are returned, it shall be subject to the situation that each deduction of 50-200 yuan of benefit wages of the responsible salesman shall be made. In case of special circumstances, the salesman shall find out the reason and make up the "customer complaint handling form" after approval.

2, a salesman, customer return notice shall verify the cause return, cross section and number consistent with whether returns before the complaints, the warehouse keeper is responsible for the acceptance of the return of the number, and in the sales product return processing table 】 【 fill in the quantity and goods return, a salesman in within 1 working day to submit quality after-sale technical quality department waiter.

3, quality of after-sale technical quality department waiter after receiving review sales product return processing table 】 【 numbered, within 2 working days organize personnel to complete the new inspection appraisal work, belongs to the quality problem can ask our production department to participate in, and came to the conclusion of appraisal to return the product quality and to determine the quality responsibility.

4, technical quality department responsible after-sale quality waiter according to suggestion on computing costs, belong to quality problems according to the relevant provisions of the quality management and assessment method calculating the internal quality loss cost responsibility department.

5, the goods caused by the customers because of its damage, slow-moving or sawing remaining material (including user error single unconventional products not unpacking) ask to return money, according to the user and the company cooperation situation and production situation to decide whether to give a refund. If the return is approved by the technical quality department of the aluminum profile company and the leader of the company, the return shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations. Price refer to the average spot price of Shanghai huatong aluminum ingot when returning goods, and deduct the return price according to 10% metal burn loss rate. The transportation cost and loading and unloading cost of the return goods shall be borne by the other party. Special circumstances will be decided.

6. After verification by the sub-management of technical quality department, the final disposal opinions shall be made according to the quality appraisal situation.

7. If there is any objection to the division of responsibilities, it shall be submitted to the deputy general manager or general manager of the company for arbitration.

8, technical quality after-sale quality waiter after processed promptly notify the relevant agent to sign it, the salesman can be based on the comments of the appraisal result finally effective communication with the user,

9, from acceptance to sell products return case handling the sales clerk should implement the whole process of tracking, a final sales product return processing table 】 【 after treatment, all responsible salesman should be timely settlement, and in the next month will be solved before 25 feedback tabulated technology department, such as must mention the reasons of failed to be solved. 20 yuan will be deducted from each form that fails to give feedback on the settlement of the case, and 100 yuan from each form that cannot be concluded for three months.

10. In case of loss of the company caused by the return of goods after the appraisal and the complaint are not in conformity with or in excess of the quantity, 5% of the loss of processing fee shall be deducted from the monthly benefit salary of the responsible salesman.

If, conventional universal product packaging intact, intact granted by the technology department inspection products to warehouse. By the other party pay for freight, loading and unloading, and proper charge handling fees, fee standards according to the user and the company cooperation.

12. If the seller agrees to return or replace the goods after confirmation by the sales company, but there is any objection to the division of responsibilities of the technical quality department, it shall be submitted to the leader of the company for arbitration before implementation.

13. The after-sales quality service staff shall track the improvement measures and the case settlement, and understand the customer's satisfaction with the complaint handling.

14. After the settlement of the complaint according to the regulations, the technical quality department of the company must file the "return and exchange treatment form for sales products" for reference.

(1) quality award

In 2007, "fujian aluminum" brand aluminum alloy building materials were identified as "China famous brand products"; The "fujian aluminum" trademark is recognized as "China famous trademark". In 2008, it was listed in the national non-ferrous metal industry AAA credit rating enterprise; In 2009, "fujian aluminum" brand aluminum was area of fujian province and enterprise evaluation center awarded "2009 fujian products of most of the year," "fujian aluminum" brand won the fujian 30 years of reform and opening-up, the most influential contribution award of brand; In 2010, it was confirmed by China national standardization administration committee as a national AAAA level "standardized good behavior enterprise". In 2011, won the "quality award of fujian provincial government"; In 2012, it was listed by the ministry of industry and information technology as the "pilot enterprise for brand cultivation of industrial enterprises" and selected as the "quality benchmark enterprise" of the ministry of industry and information technology. In 2013, it was awarded "industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise" by the ministry of industry and information technology, and it was the only enterprise in fujian province to receive this honor. "Fujian aluminium product quality" 10 consecutive years through the national quality supervision and spot check all qualified, energy-saving insulation aluminum construction profiles such as aluminum "min" series of products won the national quality "center" of non-ferrous metal products.

Vii. Quality risk management

(1) handling quality complaints

Customer complaints on product quality and comments:

1. After receiving the customer complaint, the salesman must timely handle the "customer complaint handling form" according to the customer complaint opinion (1 working day) and submit it to the after-sales quality clerk of the technical quality department for handling.

2, the salesman to handle the customer complaints handling table 】 【 must communicate effectively with the users first, at the same time seriously complete fill in the details on the customer complaints handling table 】 【 content, such as the number of complaints/specifications/varieties, etc., at the same time must be accompanied by a complaint product pictures and related information file. Those without pictures must be accompanied by physical samples.

3, technical quality after-sale quality waiter according to the information provided by the customer complaint handling table 】 【, organize relevant departments to personnel (2 working days) to make product quality appraisal and responsibility department corrective measures to deal with are also put forward. And issue the corrective action notice to the responsible department.

4. After verification by the sub-management of technical quality department, the final disposal opinions shall be made according to the quality appraisal situation.

5. Any objection shall be submitted to the deputy general manager or general manager of the company for arbitration.

6. The after-sales quality attendant of the technical quality department shall inform the relevant salesmen to sign and collect the products after the completion of processing. The salesmen can effectively communicate with the users according to the final processing opinions of the appraisal results.

7. Patient explanation and understanding of those who cannot be dealt with according to customers' wishes.

8. The after-sales quality service staff shall track the improvement measures and the case settlement, and understand the customer's satisfaction with the complaint handling.

(2) quality risk monitoring

Southern aluminum company technology center of each department of quality and safety risk assessment, monitoring and analysis the main way is to use has established perfect quality management information system (COMMS), and to statistics of key quality parameters, analysis of each department to provide quality and technology supervision report every week, and the quality and safety of early identification of risk points, put forward quality improvement or control the risk of the key work direction, formulate the corresponding improvement and control measures. Every year, the external provincial quality and technical supervision bureau supervises and inspects our company's aluminum profile and aluminum strip products, all of which are qualified.

Emergency management.

A comprehensive quality management assessment method and emergency plan for major safety accidents have been established.

Viii. Conclusion of the report

Along with the people living standard rise, the improvement of personnel quality, people also constantly improve the quality of product, all kinds of new products, constantly using new technology, a variety of world class quality of products is also gradually transferred to our company to produce, we face a new challenge, the high-end customer group, increasing the difficulty of quality control also increase, as the market demands for the connotation of the quality good faith also constantly improve, the future only attaches great importance to the quality responsibility, quality of the good faith management enterprise to sustainable development is without doubt.

This release, mainly in southern aluminum company quality management related work summary, the system has many insufficiencies, but can basically reflect the quality of the southern aluminum company credit situation, for consumers, suppliers, dealers, regulators and other kinds of interests and responsibilities related to understand southern aluminum company quality credit situation is of certain significance.

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